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Wednesday, July 12th 2006

5:49 PM (5455 days, 7h, 29min ago)

Schapelle's final appeal.

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Corby lawyer hopeful for 'final gambit' appeal.

Schapelle Corby's lawyer is hopeful a last ditch appeal to Indonesia's Supreme Court could result in freedom for the convicted Australian drug smuggler.

Corby, who on Monday turned 29, was arrested at Bali's Denpasar Airport in October 2004 after authorities found 4.1kg of cannabis in her bodyboard bag.

A Bali court rejected her claim that Australian baggage handlers were responsible for the drugs being in the bag and gave her a 20-year sentence.

Indonesia's High Court reduced her sentence to 15 years but on appeal the Supreme Court reinstated the 20-year term.

Corby's Bali lawyer Erwin Siregar is preparing an extraordinary appeal to the Supreme Court which has been described as the "final gambit" for the former Gold Coast beauty student.

"It will be before end of year and, of course, we are optimistic," Siregar told this week's edition of The Bulletin magazine.

"We would not bring the case otherwise.

"Everything will depend on the judges. Usually there are three judges. They will read the case of the lawyers, prosecutors and document reports from District Court of Denpasar."

Siregar said there was no chance of Corby's sentence being extended.

"They can only make free, lessen or keep the same sentence," he said.

Corby's mother Rosleigh Rose, Bali-based sister Mercedes and her niece and nephew attended Kerobokan jail this week for the 29th birthday.

Ms Rose is still fuming over a recent magazine story which reported Corby had cut her hair short in a "very butch" style so it could be auctioned off on eBay.

"She only cut it because it was so hot," Ms Rose said.

"She cut her hair back in February. She was saying 'I don't know whether to cut it'. I said, 'just cut the stuff off' ... she had 14 girls in the cell and it was too hot.

"... the Indonesian prisoners buried her hair. They put it back 'back to earth'. She looks stunning with her haircut. Makes her look 16."


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Posted by Claire Andrews:

I haven't even heard about this on the news - I hope she's successful
Saturday, July 15th 2006 @ 8:56 AM (5452 days, 16h, 22min ago)

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