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Wednesday, February 28th 2007

11:00 AM (5270 days, 4h, 21min ago)

Billy Thorpe



Billy Thorpe





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Friday, February 16th 2007

9:42 PM (5281 days, 17h, 38min ago)

Free Schapelle.

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Tuesday, February 6th 2007

7:27 AM (5292 days, 7h, 54min ago)

Polar Bears SOS!



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You are not mistaken if you think you see a little sadness in the eyes of the polar bear above. We are all too familiar with the image of the proud polar bear striding across the arctic ice, but this bear is tired, hungry and looking out of place slumped on grassland.

Where is the bear? Hot and exhausted in a zoo perhaps, resting from a circus act? No, this animal is in its natural habitat- on the shores of the Hudson Bay. The trouble is that the bear's habitat is changing, and the bear is suffering as a result.

The first bear to hunt on the ice was probably a grizzly – and it took several hundreds of thousands of years to become adapted to conditions of the Arctic coastline.  White hair for camouflage, concealing black skin to absorb heat. Polar bears have white fur for camouflage while stalking prey – seals mainly. To provide insulation and a store of food, the polar bear has lots of fat.  

This is summer time.  Tough times for the bears that live on and off the shores of Hudson Bay.  These are the lean months. On the Hudson Bay the ice completely melts every summer.  So between July and November, the bears eat nothing.  This is where a large fat reserve is essential.  

The problem is that the ice breaks up on average two weeks earlier than it did ten years ago.  The year 2002 was much, much worse than previous years.  The bears have had to last for almost a whole month longer. 

The extra weeks without food have an impact on all the bears but it is females with cubs that are affected most.  A mother bear needs to provide milk for her cubs for one or two years.  For some this is just not possible.  Some baby cubs simply starve to death.  

Scientists working in the Hudson Bay area have found that for every week the ice breaks up earlier, the bears come ashore 10 kg lighter.  This means females are not able to produce as much milk.  It is the smaller, weaker cubs that die first.


                    Adaptation of an article by CBC.  www.tv.cbc.ca


‘The plight of the Hudson Bay polar bears is a warning that climate change is not something that will happen far off in the future, it’s happening now!’


                  -         Stephanie Tannine

                               Climate campaigner with Greenpeace.

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Tuesday, January 9th 2007

10:18 AM (5320 days, 5h, 2min ago)

An Inconvenient Truth


If you love your children

If you love your planet



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An Inconvenient Truth



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Thursday, December 21st 2006

10:10 PM (5338 days, 17h, 10min ago)

Boycott Australian Wool Now!!







Pink sees red over sheep 'cruelty'

Wed, 20 Dec 2006

US pop star Pink has joined a campaign to boycott Australian wool over allegations farmers Down Under are cruel to sheep.

In a gory video on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website that features sheep having their throats sliced, the singer describes Australian sheep farmers as "sadistic".

She also criticises the practice of "mulesing", cutting off slices of flesh from lambs' rear ends to prevent flystrike — the infestation of flesh-eating maggots. And she rails against live sheep exports from Australia to the Middle East in overcrowded ships.

"I am calling on consumers to check labels on sweaters before buying them, and if they're merino wool or made in Australia, to leave them on the racks," she said.  

Australian actress Toni Collette and Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde have previously campaigned with PETA to end mulesing.



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Sunday, December 3rd 2006

6:10 AM (5357 days, 9h, 10min ago)

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Monday, November 27th 2006

3:36 PM (5362 days, 23h, 45min ago)